How do you create the strip?
Each panel is seperate image created in QPaint on my Visor PDA. A screenshot of each one is taken in sequence. When I sync the visor it converts the screenshots to GIFs and puts them in a network share. I then run a script on the server which:
This allows many comics to be queued which are released one per day. A cronjob at 03:14 PST runs the release script which:
What does the name mean?
Camera obscura is latin for 'dark room'. Back when optics were still new and nifty, room sized pinhole cameras were popular and this is what they were called.
I wanted an old photographic term to emphasize the crude nature of the comics. I originally thought to call the comic 'Dageurrotype' but decided that was too unwieldy. Other rejected names: tintype, heliograph.
How can I contact you?
Send me mail at Sorry, was getting too much spam, and the comic ended 4 years ago. If you really want to contact me, I bet you can find a way.
Are you really a proponent of anarcho-capitalism/socialism/lathes?
I love lathes. The other concepts I just find mildly amusing and sadly underused these days. Check out Ken MacLeod for great modern SF set in both. Other good portrayals of anarcho-capitalist societies: The Ungoverned, by Vernor Vinge, Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein.
Have you really made boozecicles?
They're not very good and very, very cold.
Where did the cast come from?
William, Maxwell and Denise are characters in Now Be Dragons, a short film I was working on. There is no connection between Now Be Dragons and Camera Obscura; I'm just lazy and re-used the names.
Are you William?
Not anymore. But I do project onto him more often than onto Maxwell.
Are you Maxwell?
Dear god, no. But part of me wants to be.
Did you make up all these questions?
All the previous ones, yes.
Have you really licked a lathe?
No. I'd remember that, I think. I hope.
Now that I have a lathe, it has been licked by several people. But not me.