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Minimal Webcomics

What is a minimal webcomic? It is a webcomic drawn without any artistic talent. (Note that this doesn't mean the creator doesn't have artistic talent, even if it does in my case.) Luckily, there is no reason to think that the ability to draw and the ability to tell a good/funny story are linked.

One thing that many minimal webcomics have in common is a self-referential nature, featuring regular voice-overs by the cartoonist. Why is this? No idea.

In conclusion, minimal webcomics are a land of contrasts.

Triangle and Robert
T&R is to minimal webcomics what Sluggy Freelance is to everyone else. It defines and almost dominates the genre. It is both inspiration and a frightfully high standard. And who doesn't love geometry humor?
Pokey the Penguin
Bizarre and primitive, Pokey works where most irrational comics fail. But being irrational, I can't say much about it.
Arctic is run by one of the funniest people I know. The strip is only slightly older than Camera Obscura.
Drawn in the same wild style as Pokey, Tsuduku has plot, characterization, and (mostly) rational humor.

Not So Minimal Webcomics

Everything else goes here. I'm not just rabidly obssesed with minimalism; I like all kinds of comics. And this isn't a complete or definitive list, just a subset of comics I like.

The New Adventures of Bobbin
How could I not love something that admits to a strong Daria influence?
Diesel Sweeties
Big pixels! Robots!
Bruno treads the dangerous line between comic and soap opera, and it treads it very well. I've been a dedicated reader since inhaling the archives a few months ago.
Absurd Notions
Absurd Notions has the reputation of being the 'high brow' webcomic. It is subtle and understated. And really funny. It resists the urge to be wacky, something I can't claim with complete honesty.
Unicorn Jelly
A great Nintendo-ish look telling a good story set in a farging incredible universe.