The Camera Obscura Quiz

How do you feel about personally having power over others?
No thanks
I have no real desire for it
It can be kinda fun
I'd like to have it
Gimme gimme gimme

How do you feel about governments having power over people?
Over my cold, dead body
It's a pain
I can deal with it
Usually a good thing
Bow before the state

When you're starting a project, do you like to:
Jump right in
Do some preparation
Do a lot of preparation

The act of creation:
Is the purpose of life
Can be fun
Is for those without anything better to do

Which do you prefer?
Making square things round
Making round things square
Putting holes in things

Are you ever serious?
All the time

What place does religion have in government?
The state is god
The state is the church
The state is endorsed by god
The state has nothing to do with god
There is no state

How much do you mind making a mess?
A little
Quite a bit
A lot

How much violence can you put up with?
A little
A lot
Bring it on!

You're told that you're an idiot. What do you do?
Walk away muttering
Punch the asshole
Laugh and ignore them

Which is more important?
Freedom to do things
A balance of freedoms
Freedom from things being done

What is the most important force that ties people together?
Personal honor