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Welcome to this humble Web page. As you might have noticed, it is not quite finished, nor do we think it ever will be. C'est la vie... Anyway, enjoy. Also, I now have a CS page up. It details things I have done to waste my time.
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Obligatory Biographic Information:

RL Junk: Matthew Dockrey. Born September 4, 1977. Lives in Seattle, Washington, USA where he is attending the University of Washington.

Online Junk: gfish@u.washington.edu. A LambdaMOO (#88093) user and a wizard on MidgardMOO (#42). If you want to read more about this insane MOO addiction, do not click here. Also, check out the Scapegoat Society. While you're at it, be the first one on your block to read about this cyberific and K00L new technology.

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'No Brains!'
symbol If you ever get annoyed at the Mindless Majority, print out the Declaration of Ignorance and pass it around. Or take a peek at this insightful look into the real story behind the United States and Canada. But maybe you shouldn't. Find out what happens when the Republican Contract with America meets a Newspeak filter..
Kids these days! Pop culture's latest subversive trend!

I finally completed my story The Collars after putting it off for a few months. If you like it, a donation of $5 is suggested -- no, not really. Comments are welcome, of course. Oh, and read this creepy little abuse of technology. Yes, it is related to the story.

My first pathetic software offering! If nothing else, making the Japanese Quiz App was a great way to put off studying for real. In the time since I wrote the Quiz App I have moved to Linux as my primary operating system, so there won't be any more VB apps created. As a second pathtic software offering you can play with my geektoy code. A geektoy is a small box with 8 LEDs hooked to the parallel port -- construction instructions are included.

What I'm asking Santa for. The WWW Provisional Government requires that every home page have one, so here are the obligatory music links. And, if you care, some random images.

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