Now be fruitful and multiply,
swarm all over the earth and become populous on it.

Genesis 9:7

We've been fruitful, we've multiplied, and we've swarmed. There are over five and a half billion people in the world today, with a projected 6 billion by 1998. With 57,900,000 square miles of land in the world, that is over 103 people for each.

Swarming and Populous -- CHECK

Unfortunately, this can not go on. The Earth is a finite place, with finite limits. Eventually, we will hit the ceiling. (Or slam into it at Mach 3...) We may be the great and all-powerful homo sapiens but we are still biological creatures. Nature, in the end, controls us like some Malthusian Methuselah.

What lies ahead of us?

Envision third-world countries with exploding populations. Developed countries dedicated to cultures of Superconsumerism. Two major world religions opposed to any forms of fertility control. Uncountable amounts of cold war era weapons (Conventional and not-so-conventional. We're talking NBC baby, and not the network. Nuclear, Biological and Chemical, all the instruments of terror a growing dictator needs) available to any group with enough money. A politicaly gridlocked and culturaly vapid United States, quickly losing all interest in foreign affairs and backing out of agreements made at the Cairo Conference. Environmental problems going unchecked and a general disinterest/disbelief of any coming crisis.

And that is what we have now.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. If you care, which is doubtful. And that is the scariest fact of all.
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