Declaration of Ignorance

"Ignorance is bliss" -Anonymous

Its a nice saying, but what does it mean? One would think that in a society that idolizes intelligence and thought a saying such as this could not be found -- but it is. This apparent contradiction is easily explained, but never accepted. Our society does not like to think! We do everything possible not to have to make decisions, not to be creative, not to think. If you ask anyone this, though, they will deny it vehemently. All our lives we are taught that to be lazy and ignorant is evil, but we are, just the same. We then teach our children the very same things, and they grow up and are just like us.


Is there a solution? Yes. Don't try to deny your natural self! Your natural state is a drunken stupor -- and more power to you! The time has come in which we have to stop hiding this fact from ourselves, to admit that which we have always denied. If there is one single thing in our society that is the most evil, most heinous, most useless, it is this lie.

It is the purpose of this document to reveal the Lie to you, to show how it is hidden and how it is spread. If you have ever felt guilty about doing nothing, for not thinking, for wishing that everyone was like you -- don't.

If you can see the Lie in our society then you can work to stop it. People should not feel guilty for being themselves, to do so is a worse evil than any priest ever spoke of.

Take a deep look inside of yourself and see the Lie that has been imprinted on your soul. So fiendishly planted are they that you have probably never seen them before, or even thought of the possibility. It is only through awareness of them that they can be defeated, but they are rarely seen. Most people don't think --and don't want to think -- enough to see them. THIS IS OK. The effort to find them yourselves is just to much for most people to spend. THIS IS OK. That is why there is this pamphlet, to show you the Lie for you. If you are content to betray yourself to the Lie, put this paper down. BUT, if you are not happy to be brainwashed (or at least brainwashed about this in particular) read on.

Take a look at yourself. Are you average? Are you popular? Do you want to be? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, good for you! You are (or are at least very close to being) a healthy, normal person. You probably try and fit in with everyone else. Good! Humans are herd animals, we need each other. To not do so is a sign of mental sickness.

In our society something is wrong. We try to deny our true selves, but don't. We tell each other Lies, then go and break them ourselves. Why? Because they're Lies, and we know it! The only reason we pass the Lie on is because everyone else is doing it, so we do to. We tell the Lies for the very reason the Lies tell us not to -- conformity. People are naturally conformists, but we try and claim otherwise. Don't! Conformity is what we do naturally, but now we all conform in denying our conformity!

This is stupid!

You are probably insulted right now by my calling you a conformist. If you aren't insulted, great! But if you are...look at yourself. What kind of clothes do you wear? What kind of music do you listen to? What kind of slang do you use? It is not a coincidence that most of the people around you wear, listen and speak the same way you do. Be proud of it! You fit in, you follow humanity's destiny -- conformity!

Conformity is the most visible sign of a social being. A social being is a happy one. There is a simple reason for this. When you conform to society you don't have to think! Society tells you what to do, and you obey. Throughout history the most advanced societies have always been those which are the most complex and have the most rules. All you have to do is follow the rules. No thought.

Why then do we persist in denying our conformity? Because society tells us to. We are all conforming in denying our conformity! Some people will say that society does not affect them. These are the biggest conformists of them all! The kind who have always been outcasts are usually the type who are the most social. Next time you meet one ask them if they care about how popular they are. They will say something along the lines of `I could care less about the rest humanity.' Wrong! They saying what society tells them to. Since they can't take part in social activities they will think and talk as society tells them to.

Don't deny your heritage. Conform.

How much television do you watch? How many books do you read? Compare the two. If you are like ninety percent of this country you watch six hours of television a day, and read two books a year. Why? Watching television is easy and enjoyable. It allows you to wind down after the day by providing a thought free environment. It lets society tell you what is happening, and what to think about it. Television leaves nothing up to you. It provides the words, the pictures and the thoughts. Books on the other hand only give you ideas. Ideas that need to be thought about. Ideas that you have to illustrate in your mind. Ideas that you have to draw conclusions from. This is why TV is more popular than reading. Books force you to think, while TV doesn't let you.

Don't be ashamed. TV is the primary instrument of society. There are very few things more social that you can do than watch TV. TV is the ultimate gauge of our culture. If it's on TV then it is happening and if it's not on TV then it is nothing.

There are those who try and tell you that TV is bad for these very reasons. Ignore them. They are the same type who claim that they are anti-social. These are the people who feel no guilt in being a stooge for the Lie. They revel in denying their destiny, and will try and make you feel the same way. Ignore them.

You must never feel guilt for being yourself. You conform to society. Good! You watch TV. Great! That is who you are. It is your right to do so. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise they are an agent of the Lie.

Rather or not the Great Lie and it's agents admit it, our culture does not want to think. Our whole lives are geared to finding ways to not think. The thing we believe is not the truth, it's popularity. Truth is not important. Right or wrong doesn't matter. Whether or not people like the idea does. Our system of government is set up this way. Democracy, the government of the majority. An idea is better than another one not because one is true and one isn't, but because it is liked by more people. The will of the majority is the only measurement of morality we have. That is why you should be proud to be social, it's morally correct! What the morals of society happen to be at the time is not important and should be of no concern to you. As a moral, conforming member of society it is not your place to judge morality, just to follow it. How can you? You are a single person, the ultimate minority and therefor your personal views are not important. To follow society is to be moral; to disobey is by definition evil.


This is the true evil of the Lie, it is an attempt to deceive people into `sin.' The quote marks are used because sin is a nebulous concept, it is whatever society chooses to define it by at the time. It is always popular to be virtuous, by definition. If not it is only because you are mispercieving the values of society. The Lie tries to make people go against their nature, which is the natural of society. Individuals and cultures are the same -- both don't want to think, and should not have to. The Lie tells them that they should go against society, which is immoral by definition.

You can fight the Lie, and it will come naturally to you. Continue to do what you have probably always done -- don't think. You don't want to, and you shouldn't be told that you have to. Conform to society, not only is it moral, it is fun! You always have, but it is possible you felt guilty for it. Don't. Society is made of people who don't think, so to do so is immoral. Not only is it immoral to think, it is hard! It is not worth it! There is a reason that people instinctively don't want to think, it just makes things harder! It does not make things easier to deal with, it just forces you to consider millions of more things on top of your original problem. Thinking lets you go against society, it lets you do immoral things!

If you follow society and do what it tells you to you will be happy and content. If you follow the Lie and think for yourself you will get nothing but pain. You will not fit in with other people, you will be an outcast.

Who are you to go against society? Conform. Don't think. It's okay. You don't want to, and now you know why. Fight the Lie.

--SPQR For The Dead

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