Have the relations between the United States and Canada ever seemed to be to good to be true? They are. Because of some perceived insults against Carter urban assault troops were sent into Toronto in late May of 1979. There has been a constant state of war ever since.

It started as minor skirmishes, small scale terrorism and economic espionage, but it has grown into something far more than that. Because of their position in world affairs neither nation could afford to admit to the hostilities, so the warfare was covert. When it first began both governments invented ways of hiding the truth, but the media for the most part ignored it. Unfortunately the aggressions slowly grew into all-out warfare in some areas.

Most of it is in US cities where the fighting has been for most of the war, and eventualy reached a point where it became obvious. The truth of the hand-to-hand combat was undeniable, yet the governments could not reveal their involvement. So the US invented a much needed scapegoat: gang warfare. The Canadian government being just as eager to maintain the semblance of peace cooperated. For years troops battled openly in the streets of our largest cities and the press remained quiet, blaming it on inner city decay. Not only did the media use the government line, they believed it. In fact, the only reporter to even discover the truth was Geraldo, but no one would listen to him.

The war has come to a standoff in the last few months. What neither of the two governments expected was for their example of gang warfare to catch on. More and more of their energies have been going to defend themselves against other, better gangs.

Now, no one is sure what the outcome will be. Rumor has it that some of the drug lords have discovered what is going on and want in on the action, and they have the financing... At this point neither government is quite sure of their standings or how long the current balance can last. Both want out of the war before they lose to non-combatants but are afraid to back down to the other. And all sides are afraid Geraldo will blow their cover.

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