Images 'n Stuff

Boredom can be a wonderful tool, if used correctly. Well...see for yourself.

Blue eyes
One of the first image touch ups I did. (My hair is so short!)
Another Side
...of the Fish. Black/white pic from a QuickCam, touched up with false color. Wheee. (Same concept: BLEAH)
RPG Pics
During an RPG campaign set on two moebius strip Ringworlds I thought visual aids were in order. So, after stealing some images from here and playing for a bit, this popped out. And, from other sources, so did this one.
Rendered QuickCam
The results of playing with POV-Ray for a while. I'm in looooooooove.
More Raytracing
A Mystesque rendering of a Cavendish device used to measure the gravitational constant. I just liked how it looked.
Some old friends...
I saw it on a UW history page and wanted to be there. Muahaha.