[LambdaMu -- MOO!]

MOO. MOO! MOO? Uh, yeah. My justification? Fully realizing that I am paraphrasing the heroin junkies in Trainspotting, "What else is there to do?"

So I log into Lambda a lot. Also DownMOO. But my true love is MidgardMOO -- midgard.org 1359, though the fact I'm a wizard there might have something to do with it. Curious? Check out the theme guide for Midgard.

Okay, I'm writing this in HTML, so I should probably add some hypertext in here somewhere. First of all, MidgardMOO is more than just text, it is webbed! Yeah, so if you are at all into MOO community you won't find it all that impressive. Shhhhh. To save my time, I'll point you to HumbertHumbert's LambdaMOO page. It has all the nifty stuff I'm too busy to do. However, since I do host them, here are the 1996 Seattle Bash and Coffee Bash pics. Oh and if you aren't disgusted by the mention of *P7A77 then you might enjoy the screenplay.

In my arrogance I thought you might like to know a bit about my programming projects on various MOOs, and you can't stop me! <SARCASM>Oh, the nay godlike power of this medium. I'm trembling.</SARCASM> Any links are to webbed versions on Midgard that get as close to GUI as MOO can get, baby.

The GrendelFish FO (#88093)
You might notice that this is the same as my player object, that's because I am the FO. @Addfeature it and see. Not the worlds greatest verbs, but some border on usefulness. @Find-Relation is the niftiest...and largest. Uses the object inheritance hierarchy to find the genealogical relation between two objects.
Temple of the Lag God (#1664)
Stop by and worship our dark lord! Be sure to `pray to Lag God.' New converts welcome...
A-Life Virtual Terrarium (#72211)
A very simple, poorly designed and silly little evolving A-Life project. The link is to the webbed version on MidgardMOO.
DES Machine (#80550)
Okay, so this is pretty sick. And finally finished! It only took two years... A complete implementation of DES in MOOcode. Yes, I was bored.
Generic Linkable Room (#92217) and Generic Room Linker (#11551)
Using this room parent and a child of the Linker you can link multiple rooms together, so everything done in one is seen in the others. You can even direct messages (but not use social verbs) on people in other rooms. Pretty keen.
Difference Engine (#8093)
Charles Babbage was just a really cool guy. This object was built in his honor. It replicates the original Difference Engine. Also took a lot less time and didn't cost as much. Again, the link is to the webbed version on Midgard.

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