Japanese Quiz App

This is a Win32 app, so you'll need 95/98/NT etc.


Download this file: kana.exe
And download these two fonts: pjhira.tff pjkata.ttf

You will have to install the fonts. Then you can just run the program. Pretty simple.


The app can quiz you in the hirgana and katakana syllabaries and also in standard 'romanji' romanization. Choose which of these you want from the radio buttons at the bottom
Next will change the symbol shown in the box.
Cheat! will give you the correct romanji if you are in hiragana or katakana mode.
Reseed will reseed the random number generator. You will want to click this every now and then because the rand() function isn't all that great.

Year 2000

The Japanese Quiz App is completely Y2K compliant internally.
However, it depends on uncounted layers of civilization and technology to run properly and can not control their Y2K compliance. Should the power grid fail, Russian nukes get launched, rioters break into your house and smash your computer with a golf club or any other external Y2K problem occur the Japanese Quiz App is not guaranteed to function properly.