All the other art pieces I've worked on recently, not attached to any particular project.

Storybook Castle

Created for Triune, a text adventure game by Papillon.

Ravensdeath (rough sketch)

My interpretation of corvi's image of Death.

Ravensdeath (color image)

Still working on a better scan of this.

A Trick of the Tale (preliminary sketches)

A character inspired by the Genesis song "A Trick of the Tail." Idea sketches for how he might look.

A Trick of the Tale (rough sketch)

Rough sketch of a scene with him as I imagined it.
"In search of another to share in his life..."

A Trick of the Tale

(color characters)

A Trick of the Tale

(almost-finished image)
"They've got no horns and they've got no tail..."

Tree logo for Midgard Systems

(Created with Corel Draw 7)




Portraits of friends:

Bastian 1

Bastian 2

Bastian 3

Marty 1

Marty 2

Marty 3

Marty 4

(I swear the man's face changes every time I look at him.)



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