Escape Key

Escape Key is an acoustic trio made up of Michelle Dockrey, Matthew Dockrey, and Audrey Eschright. We have performed mainly at science fiction/fantasy conventions, in the style of music known as filk.

Our CD, Shadowbeast, is available online at CD Baby, iTunes, and through a variety of vendors at filk and SF/Fantasy conventions.

What's filk? It's music, usually folk in style, about topics of interest to science fiction/fantasy fans. Some is humorous, some is serious, most is about telling stories. Much more detailed descriptions have been written by these people.

Escape Key is retired as a band, but Michelle continues to perform as part of the duo Vixy & Tony. Vixy & Tony's first album, Thirteen, contains new studio versions of the Escape Key songs Mal's Song and Persephone.

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Last update August 5, 2009.