make your choice, adventurous stranger,
strike the bell and bide the danger,
or wonder, till it drives you mad
what would have followed if you had

I am a pack-rat. I don't mind change, as long as the past is well archived.

It is hard to think of the web as being permanent. Did Gutenburg have trouble imagining the Library of Congress?

It amuses me to think of having a copy of the pages I built when I was 18 when I am 40, or 50, or 80.

Will I bore grandchildren with them?

Will they be horrified at the primitive interface?

I hope so.

I've been working on a forge recently. And as if that wasn't enough, I decided to decided to try my hand at smelting copper, chalcolithic style.

In the summer of 2007, I paddled the Mackenzie River.

Here is my Amazon wishlist. I also keep a local DVD wishlist here. It contains movies that Amazon doesn't carry, and therefore can't be added to my wishlist there.

After much silly work, there is now a database-driven list of all the DVDs we own here. It is sorted by simulated annealing to optimize the similarity of neighboring movies based on the attributes shown. There is also a view to chart the attributes in the sorted order here.

Software offerings:

Japanese Quiz App
A simple hiragana/katakana quiz app. Written in Visual Basic -- ugh! Maybe someday I'll get bored and port it to X.
The Metatron
I picked up a $10 dumbterminal from Re-PC, only to find that it needed an impossible to find special keyboard. So I wrote a small program to display info on it.
A port of the venerable wRASP rocket simulation package to wxWindows.
A Gnome applet that takes the current selection and searches for a matching MP3 to play.